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I was born and raised in Alberta where the prairie stretches 1,000 kilometers in one direction and the peaks of the Canadian Rockies loom large in the other. I grew up watching summer thunder storms rumble across those prairies, winter snows bury the mountain parks, early morning fog hang in the coulees and Northern Lights dance through the night’s sky. I’m biased but I think this is the most beautiful place on earth, especially for a landscape photographer.

I earn most of my keep by having images and sold through Getty and Masterfile stock photo agencies. I’m also a contributing editor to Photo Life, Outdoor Photographer and PC Photo magazines. I’ve self published three books, “A Guide to Photographing the Canadian Landscape”, “Alberta” a pictorial for the centennial of the province in 2005, and most recently “Canada” a scenic pictoral gift book of this country.

For almost 25 years now I’ve traveled and photographed the big landscapes of Alberta, Canada and the World. My hard-learned advice to other aspiring landscape photographers is – always drink upstream from the heard.